We are proud to be a part of AmberStone Group, AS – a holding company founded in 2013 that is managing its subsidiaries and associated companies operating in such economically important industries in Latvia as agriculture, shipping, renewable energy, hospitality and the latest one – wood processing. AmberStone Group is focusing on investments, which, firstly, create value for the shareholders, secondly, are competitive in the long term and, finally, provide gratification for their contribution towards improving country’s competitiveness. AmberStone Group’s long-term financial goal is group value growth, as well as sustainable and stable operation of our subsidiaries and associated companies. When choosing investment options, group primarily looks for a team of solid professionals and business’ potential to face the market challenges. Only when group feels confident about the abilities of the project team, it is ready to invest. Yet that is just the beginning – the group actively engages in management and strategic decision-making of its companies, because combining our strengths takes us to the best results.